Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey cake

With Thanksgiving coming up, I though I would share a turkey cake we made a couple years ago.

  • Two hemi-spherical cake pans were used for the body.
  • Two sugar cones were used for the drumsticks.
  • White paper was used to make the frilly things on the end of the drumsticks.
We used a pound cake recipe for the body to give it some heft. The sugar cones had to be trimmed at an angle to lay nicely along the body. This was tricky as they break rather easily. But hey, that's what the bond-o, I mean frosting is for.

The entire 'bird' (include drumsticks) was frosted with white frosting. Brown sugar was used to give it that golden-brown, pitcure-perfect 'Butterball' look.

Post links to pictures of your bird in the comments...

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