Thursday, November 6, 2008

Coffee pot in the dishwasher tip

I have always been annoyed by the water that collects in the dishwasher after the cycle completes. Remember, gravity is your friend and if there is no place for water to collect, it won't. I have gotten good at positioning and wedging items so water will not collect.

But the hollow handle of the coffee pot was a different story. Its impossible to position it to not collect the water and the sand-like residue along with it. (Oh, I refuse to wash a coffee pot by hand. I know someone who got cut real bad when it slipped and broke during hand-washing.)

So with a small drill, I made the modification shown below to allow the water and gunk to drain out of the handle.

It works great. The hole is small enough that the structural integrity of the handle does not appear comprised at all. You want to try to get the hole drilled right at the bottom of the hollow part so absolutely no water collects.

Its simple, yet effective. And several friends have modified their pots as well.

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